Following our energy up-grade and renovation works this modern warm and comfortable home is now B2 rated.  In early summer of 2016 our design team visited this Kildare bungalow following a call from its owners.  Their brief to us was to try and refresh it but in particular “sort out the conservatory and leave our home more comfortable for our approaching retirement”.  The budget for the project was limited so we focused on five elements, converting the conservatory to a sun room, external wall & roof insulation, heating system up-grade, installing energy efficient windows & doors and a full renovation of the kitchen/dining room area.

The biggest single contribution to greater energy efficiency on this project was the external insulation of the walls and roof.  Using external wall & roof insulation not only contributes greatly to energy efficiency but also helps reduce high fuel costs.  It also has the added advantages of improving air tightness, reducing cold bridging and causes no disruption to the home as all the works are carried out from the outside.

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Building Type Country Bungalow
Location North Kildare
Completed Autumn 2015
Duration 8 weeks
Extent of Works Energy Upgrade and Kitchen/Sun-Room Renovation
Main Element Sun-Room Upgrade and Integration into Kitchen area
Energy Improvements Newly highly energy efficient windows/doors and complete wrapping of house in external wall insulation

“The house is so warm and comfortable now and the Kitchen/Sunroom looks amazing”

“It was lovely to see a client want to invest in an energy upgrade and it will bring them comfort and financial benefits for decades to come“

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