Travelling out from the centre of Dublin along the N3 your will pass by the mature and picturesque area of Blanchardstown/Roselawn.  Nestled firmly in the middle of this area is this 1980’s 4 bedroomed home and the proud new owners were determined to give it a once in a generation makeover and energy upgrade before moving in.  Following months of research and planning, the owners chose FloElen Construction to carry out their project with the brief, “Please make our home more energy efficient and completely renovate every aspect of it”.  Although the budget for the project was limited the works were very extensive and involved every part of the house and the main elements included, structural changes to convert the kitchen, diningroom and rear extension into one single, bright and spacious area with a new feature fitted kitchen.  Other elements included the renovation of all areas, installation of a complete new bathroom and downstairs WC and of course the all-important energy upgrade.

The works started with the complete stripping out of all the elements that were to be replaced, all electrical, plumbing and heating services were also removed.  Structural works were completed so that the walls separating the kitchen and diningroom could be removed and the stairs repositioned to allow access to the new downstairs WC.  Each bedroom was upgraded, some with fitted wardrobes and the main feature of the upstairs work was the complete renovation and upgrade of the bathroom.  The hall stairs and landing were renovated and apart from the stairs being moved we also relocated the entrance door, replaced the handrails and balustrade on the stairs and built a new understairs WC.  High performance insulation was fitted on the inside of all external walls and the air tightness and ventilation systems were improved.  The main feature of the renovation was the conversion of the kitchen, diningroom and rear extension area to make it a single spacious and brighter area with a newly fitted kitchen as the centre piece.  In addition to all the feature renovations that were completed, we also upgraded the electrical, plumbing and heating services.  On a recent visit to the house the owners commented on how delighted the were with how it all turned out.

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Building Type 4 Bedroom Family Home
Location North West Dublin
Completed Summer 2016
Duration 12 weeks
Extent of Works Complete Renovation and Energy Upgrade of 4-Bedroom House
Main Element Conversion of downstairs kitchen and diningroom to single, spacious and bright area with new fitted kitchen
Energy Improvements New insulation applied to on inside surface of all external walls, upgrade of air tightness, ventilation and heating systems

“Flo was great for not only practical ideas but also had great taste in colours and finishes.”

“This was a great project for us because it involved every room and every aspect of upgrade and renovation.  The finished project bears no resemblance to the original house“

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