Electricity generated from PV panels is direct current (DC) and 12V, but the normal grid supplied electricity to homes is alternating current (AC) and 220V, so an inverter has to be fitted as part of the system, to convert DC to AC so that it could be fully integrated with the normal grid supplied electricity.  Although the heat pumps are designed to work 24 hours per day, because of darkness, they are more likely to be working harder on cold winter evenings when the sun has gone down for the night.  Because of this mismatch between the PV needing daylight sunshine to generate and the heat pump potentially having more night-time demand, we installed back-up batteries in each of the homes.  The idea here was that if electricity was generated during daylight hours but the demand for electricity was greater in the evenings, the batteries would store the generated electricity so it would be available when needed most, regardless of whether it was day or evening.


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